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Welcome to this (open-source) implementation of the LCARS design in HTML. This is easily my fourth clean start for this kind of project, this time using SASS (SCSS) as the css preprocessor.

The colorscheme and font are taken from GTJLCARS, a german language resource all around the LCARS system as depicted in StarTrek series. The text font is standard Helvetica, which the title font is based on.

As I use firefox for prototyping, it is quite likely that this system will be lacking behind in cross-browser compatibility, as I try to use current web-standards where possible. This documentation is created using vuepress with a custom theme based on htmlcars.

The goal of this project is to provide a HTML/CSS framework that can be used to render webpages in LCARS Design, that is using state-of-the-art web standards, does not require prefabricated images, absolute positioning, flash or any other such software or system. If completed, there should be multiple components and layouts available to quickly generate LCARS consoles for any webapp.

# Examples