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# Imprint

This Webpage and HTML LCARS Library are created by @Xiphoseer (opens new window), based on the original design by Michael Okuda from Star Trek. It is heavily influenced in theme by sites such as GTJLCARS (opens new window) or lcarscom.net (opens new window), but completely independent in terms of source code.

The commercial rights to the LCARS system are (as far as I know) held by CBS, as part of other StarTrek asset rights. This means that, while this source code will be released under a MIT license, you are likely not allowed to use this libray in a commercial setting.

The font used for headings is the LCARSGTJ3 font available here (opens new window). It is provided as 'freeware' under a custom license, which states the font file may not be renamed, modified or sold.